As a Dublin-based industrial noise artist, I find inspiration in the ground-breaking works of Einstürzende Neubauten and other early avant-garde artists. Through my art, I aim to create an immersive sonic experience that transports the audience into a realm of dark and visceral intensity.

Combining traditional analogue synthesis with modern digital systems, my performances are an exploration of the intersection between raw power and technological innovation. By manipulating and distorting sounds, I create sonic landscapes which challenges conventional musical structures push the boundaries of what is considered music.

My live events are an embodiment of controlled chaos, where the harshness of industrial sounds collides with the intricacy of layered textures. Through the use of unconventional instruments, field recordings, and sonic experimentation, I seek to evoke a range of emotions, from discomfort to catharsis.

Drawing from the rich cultural tapestry of Dublin, I infuse my work with elements that reflect the city's industrial past and urban landscapes. The gritty and raw energy of the local music scene fuels my creative process, and I strive to contribute to its evolution by offering a unique and uncompromising live experience.

I am passionate about collaborating with like-minded artists and musicians, as I believe in the power of collective expression. Together, we can create immersive and unforgettable performances that challenge the audience's perception of sound and leave a lasting impact.

If you are seeking an industrial noise artist who embraces the legacy of avant-garde pioneers while pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation, I invite you to join me on a journey into the realms of dissonance, texture, and sonic exploration. Let us embark on a transformative sonic experience together.